5 Best Excuses For Getting Double Glazing

Double glazing is to houses, what goalkeepers are to football teams. It protects your home, can mean the difference between high energy costs or low ones, and without it your home will look a much less dynamic place to live.

Double GlazingIf you are not entirely sure of the benefits of why you should buy double glazing, and need convincing in any way, here are some of the best reasons why you should seriously consider getting it if you can afford it.

Save Energy

Most homes lose most energy through badly insulated walls, roofs and windows. With double glazing you will be able to keep the majority of the heat in your home inside. The double layer of glass and gas often built in to the window between the panes actively deflects heating away from the window and back in to the home. The seals on older windows also offer an easy exit route for heat from your home and an easy way for cold air to get in.

Save Money

By keeping more of your heat inside, you also save money you would have had to spend on gas or electricity to keep your home at a reasonable temperature. Having this also makes your home a more attractive prospect for people looking to buy your property if you ever intend on selling it (go here for price guides – localglazingprices.co.uk/double-glazing-price-guide)

Make Home More Secure

Most modern windows are also a lot more securely made than older or more traditional single glazed windows. The thicker frame offers a lot of space for shoot bolts and other locking mechanisms which single glazed windows may not have space for. Plus new double glazed windows are generally made from aluminium or reinforced UPVC plastic that is very hard wearing and hard for even the most determined cat burglar to break.

Looks Better

While some people prefer the look of old traditional windows made with lead or softwood, many other people consider aluminium windows more appealing. You can actually now buy double glazed windows in pretty much any style you like too including a variety of colours and styles to fit the look of your home. So even if you live in a chocolate box house, you can probably get double glazing quotes quickly and easily.

Harder to Break

Finally, double glazed windows are tough. So if you have kids who like to play football of cricket in the back garden, any wayward balls are less likely to cause a major repair bill.

Are you convinced?

5 Good Reasons to Buy Double Glazing