Residential Exterior Stable Doors for Your Home

Stable DoorsFor those who want a more rustic look to their home, looking at fitting a Cottage or Stable door design to the front or back of the house might just be the perfect solution.

Residential stable doors are a variation of those that you can see in an actual stable – in that the door is made from 2 halves. The top half either swings independently of the bottom half or is locked to it and works as a normal door.

When the top section is released from the bottom section it can swing inwards on its own to create a “window” effect. The bottom section remains closed whilst the top is open.

If you feel like “throwing open” the door, then they can be configured so that they open outwards is so desired.

The bottom section cannot open separately, the top has to open first.

If you want to operate it like a regular door, then lock the 2 sections together and that’s the job done. Both sections will also have independent locking for when the door is closed.

Design options

The door can be “split” into equal sized halves or you can move to a 60/40 split where the top section is bigger than the bottom. This offset can be quite attractive.

Whilst UPVC remains a popular choice, using composite stable doors can really make your home stand out. The finishing on a composite doors is excellent, especially a high quality wood-grain finish can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing.

Typical composite door dimensions – not including the frame

35 to 45 mm thick

  • 6’ 6” or 1981mm x 2’ 6” or 762mm
  • 6”6” or 1981mm x 2’ 9” or 838mm
  • 6’ 8” or 2032mm x 2’ 8” or 813mm

Prices for UPVC stable doors can go from £560 + inc VAT for supply only and Composite stable doors from around £8500 + inc VAT. See more here:

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