What are Bifold Doors & How much do they cost?

Bifold doors are the latest design for your home that offer super-wide opening. Using top and bottom roller guides, bifold doors slide to the sides of the opening, folding into each other and store out of the way.

Once opened, bifold doors leave the entry / exit totally obstruction free allowing you the maximum freedom to move in or out into your garden area.

Bifold Doors – the benefits

  1. almost 100% clear opening space.
  2. move to left, right or both at once.
  3. Very low or floor level thresholds – easy access for disabled, elderly or infirm persons. Also nothing to trip over the kids when they run around.
  4. Folding doors have finger guards – no trapping little fingers.
  5. Toughened safety glass – in the event of a breakage, no sharp shards to cause injury.
  6. Multi point locks – secure when shut.

Bifold Doors | UPVC Bi-fold Doors

Bifold DoorsThe biggest plus is really the spectacular uninterrupted view of the outside – even when closed, you get a panoramic view of your garden. Once opened fully, the line between inside & outside is almost non-existent as you blend the two almost into one.

You can get bifold doors in uPVC, Aluminium & Timber (hardwood & hardwood veneers). UPVC is very hard-wearing, relatively light and cost effective. But you will need to use steel reinforced frames to avoid too much flexing of the frames.

Aluminium is a very good choice here. It’s light, structurally strong and very durable. Coming in over 150 powder coated colours and including a wood grain effect surface, they look fantastic.

Appearance & Prices

Door sets come in varying panel numbers & sizes. A 2 panel set should cover an opening up to 2.5 metres with a 4 panel set covering openings up to around 3 to 4 metres.

You can find Aluminium bifold doors supply only prices for a 2.7m, 3 panel Door around £2450.00.

For a UPVC bifold door of the same size also supply only, you can find prices at about £1800.00. If you want fully fitted prices, then this could rise to around £2,500.00



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